THE STORY OF ISRAEL by Stephen Szikszai


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The orderly arranging of Jewish history is a boon to anyone seeking to understand the Bible, and Professor Szikszai has done just that in a book which will be welcomed by laymen who want to know, college classes, and the Sunday School teacher who needs more background than a normal course can provide. The author avoids several pitfalls facing anyone who undertakes such a task. For instance, despite the complexity of the material, the story is told simply and yet adequately. The work might be dull, but instead, we are made conscious that these events really happened to real people. The worst pitfall is the one best avoided. It is so easy to minimize God's role in Jewish history and in their interpretation of their history. Professor Szikszai is faithful to the significance of this story, -- that fundamentally it is a story about God, who is the Lord of history, and who revealed himself in the way He dealt with his Chosen People. The Jews would not have cared about history as secular historians write it. For them it was a personal experience. They didn't even have a word that can be translated ""history"". The Story of Israel is faithful to their point of view.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1960
Publisher: Westminster