THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE by Stephen W. & Eds. of American Heritage Magazine Sears


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In the extensive, carefully annotated bibliography, JohnToland's adult Story of the Bulge is referred to as ""askillful day-by-day recreation, rich in dramatic personalaccounts;"" so, considerably condensed, is his Landmarkjuvenile. Which leaves this responsible but largelyuninflected report as a possible reinforcement for thein-between age only. There is little urgency and ""the fearfuldrama of life and death"" is isolated rather than integrated; neither is it always possible, despite the several maps, to follow the battle action that comprises the book's content.And the many photos and paintings of advancing troops anddevastated towns tend to acquire a monotony en masse, aneffect that paradoxically lessens rather than heightens theimpact. It's all rather as if one were reading a run of dailynewspapers or, more closely, the successive issues ofLife--with the vital difference that no danger impends.

Pub Date: July 2nd, 1969
Publisher: American Heritage-Harper & Row