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Mr. Meade has written the story of my wanderings over the past two years. I can say no more than ""to me, he has caught the charm and spirit of these gardens in a delightfully leisurely fashion, squeezing the last drop of botanical information and human interest from them with the same effortless style that has characterized his three earlier books. I wish I had been able to write my impressions half as well!"" From Maine to Florida, across the south, New Orleasn, Texas, New Mexico to California, north to Wyoming, down to Colorado and home to Virginia. The book is full of gardeners, authors, movie stars and nature lovers at work in their gardens, eager to share their delight and philosophy with my visitor who shares their enthusiasm for the soil and its fruits. Perfect handbook for those gardeners seeing America first this year or in the years to come, equally perfect for these wintry days when we long to get out in our gardens, for the shutin it will bring the breath of spring. Remember to put it on your Easter gift list. The illustrations were to me very disappointing. They don't catch the irresistible fascination of these places as Mr. Meade has in the text.

Publisher: Longmans, Green