BE YOUR OWN GARDENER by Sterling Patterson
Kirkus Star


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We'll wager this book will be the match to set off many a fire that has long smouldered within would-be gardeners:- people who had neither time, money nor the inclination to garden on vast scales with professional advice and manual aid; people who have longed to get their fingers into the earth and to pick blooms from seedlings they planted and cultivated themselves; people who thought it required more of everything than they could afford to put into a hobby. For these people Mr. Patterson has written a most cordial and enthusiastic invitation to join the ranks of the small-garden gardeners who have charming gardens and great fun doing all their own gardening. It isn't work to them, it's relaxation, exercise, pleasure and inspiration. He starts at scratch with the lawn telling where to send for a free soil analysis, then goes on to the mixed border, color effects, charts for planning the border, for height, color, bloom sequence, etc. annuals, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, walls, hedges, cold frames, bulbs and a million and one hints and explanations on planning, planting and cultivating and most of all enjoying your own garden. Completely practical yet utterly charming.

Publisher: Harper