LOVE THE WAY YOU WANT IT: Using Your Head in Matters of the Heart by Sternberg Robert with Catherine Whitney

LOVE THE WAY YOU WANT IT: Using Your Head in Matters of the Heart

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A lucid, compelling plea and program to solve relationship problems with the author's brand of unconventional wisdom. Sternberg brings his previous books on intelligence and love, The Triarchic Mind (1988) and The Triangle of Love (also 1988, not reviewed), to bear here, and packs two-thirds of the bibliography with his own works. What emerges with the help of Whitney (Uncommon Lives, p. 172) is an intelligent, lively mix of psychoneurological insights, charts, lists, quizzes, and dramatizations of unbalanced relationships. Perhaps we didn't need this book to tell us that ""relationship intelligence"" is nonlinear, subjective, and predicated upon losing common misconceptions about love, romance, and the opposite sex. Yet Sternberg's emotional geometry--a triangle requiring equal angles of passion, intimacy, and commitment--is a fresh, effective repackaging of heart-smart clichÉs that can offer readers some helpful insights. Beyond the sappy, workshoppy questions about the values we find in our partner's differing perceptions, there are significant truths and guidelines here that can be of real help.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1990
Publisher: Bantam