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by Steve Alten

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2004
ISBN: 0-312-87558-4
Publisher: Forge

Awake, Manicheans! And read the Mayan prophecies whose ancient Good-versus-Evil glyphs, deciphered by the late Julius Gabriel (Domain, 2001), foretell Earth’s destruction in 2012. It’s now 2013.

Julius’s son Michael had hoped to forestall the Alien Armageddon—they had planted a deadly weapon the Gulf of Mexico—by enlisting the aid of psychologist Dominique Vazquez, who is part Mayan. The pair attacked Dad’s bad old partner Pierre Borgia, who rose to US secretary of state. But at base it’s Michael against the Apocalypse. Though now dead, he has led humanity past the 2012 horror of fusion blasts that destroyed much of Australia and Asia. His twin sons live in Dominique, who is pinpointed for death by Christian fundamentalist and presidential candidate Peter Mabus. The sons, when born, have posthuman genes. All-knowing, inhumanly strong Jacob is white-haired with azure eyes. Dark-haired Immanuel desires a more human, more normal life than Jacob’s. As it happens, both sons must join to perform the title’s resurrection of Michael. Is he really dead? Dominique is told by psychiatrist Evelyn Strongin, who returned to life after being killed by a wayward electrical line, that Michael, shackled to purgatory by his anger, is being tortured by poltergeists called Nephilim. Their negative force will be directed into the post-human genes allotted to schizophrenic Lilith, born the same day as the twins but in uglier circumstances. What it all comes down to is: Will the portal to hell will be opened and Lucifer resurrected? Or will Immanuel, Jacob, and Dominique be strong enough to stop abominable Lilith and her nasty but pure post-human son Devlin Mabus and keep the evil door shut . . . on a silvery-red planet . . . among seven-foot-tall humanoids . . . ?

Galloping, hugely detailed scientific/paranormal/spiritual SF superdrama that deserves a wide audience of warped but delighted readers.