TAKE ALL YOU CAN GET by Steve Fisher


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The sharp gouge in the used car business is the background for Mike Gargan's rise -- and fall, from grace and back to it. Working for the biggest lot, Harry O'Hara's, Gargan is inched into independent action by the rough deal given to innocent Patricia Clark, dreams up a new gimmick to pull in the public that is ready to be put on wheels, and digs in to buck O'Hara. Getting his salesmen, denting his business and working to wreck his reputation, Gargan falls into the same pit, rides it rough and heavy until Pat walks out and O'Hara flourishes a whip of utter destruction. Joining Pat, Gargan is set up to play it straight from then out. The low down on low deals in clipping customers, this makes sure that living with lice makes one a louse -- and so be it. If there are any followers for his previous Giveaway, this is for them. We wonder.

Pub Date: July 6th, 1955
Publisher: Random House