PACIFIC BLUE by Steve Lomas


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The Moores had been virtually wiped out by fiery blasts and the molten lava from Kilauea Iki. Their home, their papaya plantation were gone. With almost nothing saved they went to Hawaii's Kona coast, the half-Hawaiian father to seek a nursery job, the boy to find his dream job with the fleet. Kona was a famed sports fishing center. But no this season; the marlin- the great Pacific Blues- were failing to strike. And ironically superstitious ridden skippers hunted a scapegoat- and found one in Moke Moore who was soon black-listed as a Jonah. How he determined to prove his worth- and his luck- and how he contrived some artificial lures that worked- combine to make a fishing adventure story something well above average. The wind-up is a bit too easy, after all the setbacks- but the going is good on the way.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Ives Washburn