POND AND RIVER by Steve Parker


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Plant and animal inhabitants of the pond are described with numerous color photographs, drawings, and brief text. While the photographs are eye-catching and dramatic, this title would be more useful if the author had provided scientific names, geographic distribution and size information for the plants and animals included. A typical two-page spread entitled ""Waterside Mammals"" includes a mink, water shrew, platypus, otter, and beaver without indicating the actual size of the animals or whether they occur in the same region. The American browser may well wonder at a selection of freshwater fish that focuses on the European rudd, roach, tench, bream, bitterling and gudgeon. Selections on the pond in spring, summer, autumn, and winter would have been more useful ii' the same plants and animals had been shown in each season. Young nature-browsers will enjoy the vivid photographs, but will need to look elsewhere for information on North American pond inhabitants. Indexed.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1988
ISBN: 0756658306
Page count: 64pp
Publisher: Knopf