FAT MAGIC by Steven Kroll


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Little Prince Timothy is always thinking about food, but it isn't eating that makes him fat. It's Edgar, the court magician, who puts a spiteful spell on him; and after that Timothy is so heavy he falls through the ice, collapses the drawbridge, and smashes his chair at dinner. Timothy, a typical de Paola tyke who look amusingly ludicrous when fat, pays Edgar back by stealing his magic shoes, making Edgar fat for a while and himself thin for good, and then, just for fun, turning everyday objects into candies and sweets. But what's the point? Any of several might have been made, but as it is we have to settle for the equivalent of those pastel food-dye and sugar frostings that are never as satisfying as they might appear.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1978
Publisher: Holiday House