WOOF, WOOF! by Steven Kroll


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A sort-of-spoofy Victorian mystery, with the hero a little white dog who shows up in Amelia's garden and barks at her governess, Mrs. Hall. But he doesn't bark at Amelia; he licks her hand--so she names him Winston and decides to keep him. Her parents consent after Winston finds her father's missing gold pocket-watch under a bush; but this just reminds Amelia's mother that her own jewelry and ""half the good silver"" is also missing. ""It must be one of the servants,"" says Amelia's mother, but Police Chief Banks finds nothing when he searches their rooms. What's more, Winston barks at Banks. There are a couple of mysterious attempts to kidnap Winston, and then one night the dog leads Amelia to the garden, the jewelry, and the culprits-Mrs. Hall and Chief Banks. With all her patterned decor and bright bordered pictures, Rubel gets right into the spirit of Victorian excess. Her style may bring it off--although the take-off will escape a picture-book audience.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1983
Publisher: Dial