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BOCA DAZE by Steven M.  Forman


by Steven M. Forman

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2876-2
Publisher: Forge

A 61-year-old ex–Boston cop continues to adapt to life in Florida.

Eddie Perlmutter likes Kugel’s Deli, his live-in girlfriend Claudette, who sort of resembles Halle Berry, and his transformation from Boston cop to Boca Raton private eye. He’s become friends with the reporter who dubbed him the “Boca Knight” for his tilting at perps and who now wants him to mount a crusade and investigate the fatal bashing of homeless man Weary Willie. Eddie huffs and puffs but agrees to look into matters. First, though, he has old Doc Hurwitz to deal with. Doc’s granddaughter Shoshanna has become a victim of the No Pain-U-Gain Clinic, which dispenses drugs to all comers. There’s also the shady goings-on at B.I.G. (standing for B.I. Grover), the splashiest Ponzi scheme ever to send well-heeled retirees into destitution and back into the workforce. With the help of Three Bag Bailey, who claims to be Weary Willie’s wife, Eddie is soon playing fast and loose with shooters, bombers and the Overtown Outlaws, a gang of thugs loyal to Mad Dog Walken, and living up to his reputation as local hero—although not before a home explosion almost kills him.

Like Boca Mournings (2010, etc.) and its kin: tough, mean and surprisingly sappy when Eddie carries on conversations with Mr. Johnson, the penis he deems in need of frequent encouragement and little blue pills.