THE ROAD I KNOW by Stewart Edward White


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The extensive reading public reached by The Unobstructed Universe and The Betty Books is a readymade market for this thoroughgoing and completely reasonable setting forth of Betty White's step by step unfolding into the ""hinterland of consciousness"". It may, in fact, make many new friends for the earlier books, as it is the best of them all, and easy reading for layman, student and aspirant alike. The layman will find it interesting and convincing; the aspirant will find it a comforting and reassuring book. The author gives sincere, direct testimony, with nothing sentimental, nothing spooky, with no attempt to convert the reader. The text covers the fifteen years' span of his wife's psychic life, from the ouija board phase, through years of growth to attainment of her capabilities as one of the outstanding psychics of modern times. Her ever ready wit, almost childlike candor and simplicity and her indignant suffering are so drawn that she emerges as a delightful and purely human figure. This is not only a book for those who seek confirmation of life after death, but may well give to all thinking people that bit of spiritual enlightment which is so rarely attainable for the average reader. Should have a far-reaching appeal.

ISBN: 0548083991
Publisher: Dutton