WITH FOLDED WINGS by Stewart Edward White


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Another in the series of Betty books -- this is for a sizable following who have found consolation in this unorthodox field of religic-philosophy. This material is drawn from some 2500 records of communiques from the invisibles, through the mediumship of Betty. The volume is a pure philosophy of life as contributed by the spirit world. Here are various cosmic concepts -- of our first aim, which should be self-development; of individuality, the end of evolution; of education; of functioning both positively and negatively; of contact with the other world, meditation, prayer and harmony; of creation; of healing by faith; of the intellect- and its proportioned place; of old age, ""the fruition of life"", and so on. Largely for an elderly market, this may also find some place in the religious field. You doubtless know your audience.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1947
ISBN: 1849026076
Publisher: Dutton