THE AGE OF THE MOGULS by Stewart H. Holbrook
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The public and private lives of America's multi-millionaires have none of the destructive invective of Lundberg's America's Sixty Families but support the claim that the acquisition of large fortunes has played an indispensable role in making the United States the powerful nation that it is. And so, from rags to Rockefeller, the lifelines on the itching palms of over fifty men are followed with considerable care as well as the fascination of fabulous gain. Vanderbilt, Ford, Swift, Schwab, Carnegie, Du Pont, Morgan, Hearst, etc. etc. are all part of this history of big men and big business; the accounts of Black Friday and the Credit Mobilier scandal make the happenings during these fiscal fiascos understandable for almost the first time. And without using ""gilt nor whitewash. Nor tar"", this history of unlimited fortunes and futures is an objective perspective and introduces the first volume of the Mainstream of America Series with enterprise and eclat..... This is the kind of money that well may make money.

Publisher: Doubleday