KICK OF THE WHEEL by Stewart Sterling


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When Mel Darrin left his home in the mountains of Kentucky, after a fight he had serious doubts about his own courage. Then Uncle Clarke offered him a job as helper at his Florida marina, where Mel met the wealthy Boysetts, father and daughter. Mr. Boysett offered Mel a job as able bodied seaman aboard the Sea Dog, his yacht. Mel learned enough seamanship with the help of U.S. Power Squadron pointers to take over in an emergency when Mr. Boysett, subject to heart attacks, becomes ill during a storm en route from his home to Florida. The Sea Dog is badly damaged -- but Mel redeems himself later by rescuing the Boysetts in another crisis. The major weakness of the story lies in the initial quarrel, referred to only in flashback, a hazy foundation on which Mel's motivation rests. Because the issues of the fight are not really clarified one cannot appraise his later behaviour in relation to his earlier conduct. The boating and yachting coterie will be the primary market for this.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1957
Publisher: Prentice-Hall