LAST SCORE by Storm Jameson
Kirkus Star


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Superb story telling provides a vehicle for another searching of the human conscience in the kind of tale Storm Jameson has already proved her mastery. She has chosen this time an imaginary island setting- the British in a sort of benevolent control- the surge of nationalism breaking out in guerrilla terrorism. The governor has been generally accepted as a responsible public servant with all the trappings of his role in proper alignment. Few have really penetrated behind the mask to his own insecurity in his human relations. But when the guerrilla leader- ""X""- is taken and turns out to be the one man who can strip the governor of his mask, a succession of events exposes him not only to those closest to him- but to himself. His mistress- his mother- his son- his subordinates, in each relationship he is faced with a new reality. Bit by bit, the past and the present come into focus with new interpretation. Only the wife he had ignored proves to be the one anchor for him -- and for their son, the one sanity and hope for the future. It is a tortured portrait, drawn with swift sure strokes.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1961
Publisher: Harper