WORLD WITHOUT END by Stoyan Pribichevich
Kirkus Star


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The best coverage of the Balkan states that we have seen. Historical, biographical, economic, industrial, political. He takes the individual states, traces their national backgrounds, customs, characteristics, and places them in today's picture. He follows their interrelations, their contributions to European history, their arts and crafts. Each country comes to life; each important personality that has gone into building their history and made contributions of one sort or another, is sketched. He gives one a sense of timelessness, of recurrent conquest and recurrent reestablishment, of national entities that survive German domination. One feels that Hindus is right with his contention We Shall Live Again. His final emphasis, his plea, is for a union of states, rather than stress of individualism. Important in the world picture.

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock