CITIZENS OF THE WORLD by Stringfellow Barr


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Inspired by the pamphlet, Let's Joan the Human Race, of which he has sold over 180,000, this author-historian presents in expanded form his thesis that human misery not Communism is the threat to the world. In sane terms he indicates that while we see Russia as tanks- oppressed peoples see her as tractors, and that the smaller nations of the world view us both with alarm and suspicion. He endorses the proposed International Development Authority, vetoed by U.S.A. and Russia, seeing it as projects like TVA and Israel on a world scale, backed by would be world citizens who have to date had small opportunity to act through the UN. He feels the Pentagon should bear the responsibility for national defense, while this IDA program provides for shift of focus from war to peace. Private groups are cited as beacons along these lines, which he feels offer approach to a goal of righteousness and justice.

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1952
Publisher: Doubleday