PHILADELPHIA: Holy Experiment by Struthers Burt

PHILADELPHIA: Holy Experiment

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There it is, the great sprawling, obstinate, tenacious, slow-moving-but steadily moving city, lying between its two rivers..."" This is the city he shows us, from the dream in its founder's mind -- to the Civil War (the present only glimpsed). Historically, biographically, through anecdote and legend, through the contributions made by its geographical position, by the people who built it, by the ideals that sustained it, by the tolerance which produced a kind of snobbishness, by its conflicts and their resolutions, by its inevitable prosperity, its place as a center of the arts, its focus on problems of health, its concentration on matters financial. He shows it as a port -- as a political and social center of state and country -- and losing on all counts -- turning its face inland. Throughout, he reflects its ""magic"".

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran