Addenda on IDLE MONEY, IDLE MEN by Stuart Chase


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This book was reported -- and starred -- in the August first issue. Now comes a note from Dave Newberry of The Emporium, San Francisco. ""I have not been an admirer of Stuart Chase, but I think his new book is worth a good deal more than your note would indicate. His thinking as well as his writing has been very much improved by his inquiry into word meanings. Everything since The Tyranny of Words has been better than his earlier books. Idle Money, Idle Men, may prove to be an important book. Remember his A New Deal in 1932? "".... We reread our report. Perhaps we were too definite and not sufficiently critical. Or commendatory. It happens that we agree with Chase's viewpoint about spending money to put men to work. We were interested in his analysis of the way business has learned to revolve their own funds. We realize that the pump priming point of view is not a wholly popular one. But we liked the book. Go to it!

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace