LIVE AND LET LIVE by Stuart Chase


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A cogent plea for national and international planning, in which Stuart Chase marshals his facts, presents his theories, and backs them up with sound arguments- so that any open-minded reader is convinced of his major premises if, perhaps, occasionally still challenging his procedures. This is one of his more important books, for it deals with the problem facing humanity- peace or war. He approaches his subject by social, economic and historical steps, seeing the crisis of our time as applied technology now out of control. He looks back at an earlier society, the industrial revolution, the economy of abundance- and forward to a time to live in which survival, security, creative expression and advance of knowledge are the goals. His answer to the chaotic transition of today is- ""Educate citizens to be bored with junk and to demand a valid and life-giving output"". He makes an extensive program of the steps to be taken if a planned peace is to be obtained; at home it involves the determination of national needs, an inventory of resources and a program to balance the two; it also asks for a wider acceptance of national responsibility in education, health, production, public housing. Krushchev's four year plan for world disarmament must receive serious attention on the international front. Chase is convinced that Russians have not worked toward progress to risk its destruction, and we must bring our economy into balance and gear it toward better service to mankind.

Pub Date: May 11th, 1960
Publisher: Harper