THE BIBLE IS FOR YOU by Stuart E. Rosenberg
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This volume differs from the many Bible survey books or ""introductions"" because it never loses sight of the reader, and is greatly concerned that the man who reads will come from that experience greatly excited about ""The Book of Books"". No objectivity is here other than good scholarship demands. The result is a volume that can be mastered by anyone studying at the college level, or by most men in the pews. Sunda? School libraries should have it available for teachers. People recommending would discover their mature selection appreciated. The writer has a piquancy of phrase which makes him easy to follow and his ideas stay with one. Best of all are his insights from fields not always touched, such as a review of the modern aids to Bible Study, and the influence of psychology on our understanding of the great Book.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1961
Publisher: Longmans, Green