THOUGHT AND ACTION by Stuart Hampshire


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This treatise, by a noted British philosopher, attempts to bring together the varied and sometimes opposed disciplines of the philosophy of mind and moral argument. The book, rather difficult at times for the layman, yet written for him rather than the professional philosopher, contrasts variables and unchangeables in human thought, leading the reader to a consideration of his own permanent values and their worth. In fact, the reader is led to a total consideration of his own being, and how he must clarify the thoughts which motivate that being and put them into action. Moral philosophy, it is concluded, far from a moribund discipline in this scientific age, must be called once again into action to examine what we as individuals and citizens of democracy want, strive for, and must achieve. Clearly written, but difficult enough to limit the work for an American audience not familiar with such a formal style.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1960
Publisher: Viking