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GHOST À LA MODE by Sue Ann Jaffarian


by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7387-1380-9
Publisher: Midnight Ink/Llewellyn

The creator of plus-sized paralegal Odelia Grey (Booby Trap, 2008, etc.) launches a new series featuring a California clairvoyant.

Emma Whitecastle sees dead people. Her first ghost is her recently deceased Aunt Kitty, who shows up while Emma’s still recovering from seeing her self-involved ex Grant, soon-to-be trophy wife and adorable new baby in tow, at her daughter Kelly’s graduation party. But Kitty’s just an appetizer. The main course is Emma’s several-times-great-grandmother Ish Reynolds, who really should be dessert, since she was known in her day as Granny Apples for her fabulous pies. Despite her oldster nickname, Ish died in her early 40s when she was lynched for the murder of her husband Jacob. Now the feisty phantom wants Emma to clear the family name by finding out who really killed Jacob. Since Emma has been camping at her parents’ house while she waits for Grant to offer a settlement she can live with, she’s only too willing to drive out to the Reynolds’ former homestead in Julian, now a quaint tourist destination east of San Diego. In popular room ten of the Julian Hotel, she meets resident ghost Albert Robinson, who gives her a quick tutorial in local history, and Billy Winslow, whose spirit doesn’t want to leave his burial site. But it’s the live folks, especially charming, irascible Phil Bowers, current owner of the old Reynolds property, who provide the greatest challenge and the most promise.

A half-baked franchise debut most likely to appeal to paranormal-mystery buffs.