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'R' IS FOR RICOCHET by Sue Grafton


From the Alphabet series, volume 18

by Sue Grafton

Pub Date: July 13th, 2004
ISBN: 0-399-15228-8
Publisher: Marian Wood/Putnam

R is really for romance, as Kinsey Millhone acknowledges on the first page of this tale of love gone right and wrong and every which way in between.

After serving her time for embezzling $350,000 from real-estate entrepreneur Alan Beckwith, Reba Lafferty’s emerging from the California Institution for Women, and her father, an ancient millionaire, wants somebody to meet her at the prison gate, drive her home, and make sure she gets settled. Mission accomplished, Kinsey and Reba agree after two days of salt-and-pepper rapport. But like the Commander in Chief, they turn out to be premature. Reba’s relationship to the man she robbed is fraught with complications that multiply by the minute, and before long Lt. Cheney Phillips, Santa Teresa PD, is leaning on Kinsey to lean on Reba to gather evidence in a money-laundering case for the IRS, the FBI, and the DEA. Back home, Kinsey’s landlord, spry geezer Henry Pitts, chafes as his even older brothers try to cut into his courtship of widowed painter Mattie Halstead, leaving Kinsey wondering why she’s trying to foster some love affairs and nip others in the bud.

No more mystery than Q Is for Quarry (2002). But Kinsey’s frantic attempts to keep her balance on the tightrope between a pair of lovers scheming against each other, and her own latest stab at romance, will have fans purring contentedly.