CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU by Sumner Locke iott


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Report repeated from the February 1st bulletin, when scheduled for spring publication, as follows: ""The knee- high eavesdropper of the title, 6- year old P.S., was the postscript to his mother Sinden's 'ridiculous life' and her short-lived marriage to Logan Marriott, a shiftless gold prospector. Brought up by one of his four aunts, the loving Lila, P.S. faces further displacement now when another aunt, dominant, elegant Vanessa, returns from England to Australia to bring him up, take him away, and provoke a custodial court hearing. Present and past fuse in the alternating narrative here; there are whispered references which P.S. only dimly understands; and Logan's brief reappearance serves in the interest of the child who finally wins his own case when Vanessa gives up and gives him back to Lila... While unexceptional, a comfortable, somewhat old-fashioned story which sometimes rags its feet but never trips over the obvious sentimental temptations. A first novel by a successful television script writer.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row