WE NEED NOT FAIL by Sumner Welles
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This is so immediate, so close to the headlines of the exploding Palestine situation that it is excusable that no galleys were available- that the book was rushed through in record time. Welles pulls no punches in stating his conclusions on the policy of the United States in the case of Palestine. He charges it as ""devoid of vision and devoid of principle"" -- as sacrificing the cause of selective security ""to short- sighted and selfish expedience"". He sees the fate of Western civilization at stake. And he offers the case of Palestine as evidence, marshalling the steps leading up to the present conflict, the historical aspects, the fallacy of the Arab claims, the betrayal of the Jews, by the British, by the United States, the outting at the foundations of the United Nations. He proves his points conclusively- and in conclusion shows the sole means by which ""we need not fail"". A truce is imperative, but a truce which maintains the rights of the Jews; international recognition must be made of the Jewish state; the arms embargo must be lifted. He recognizes the fact that these steps- at this late date- are palliatives. But he feels they must be taken before the partition voted by the Assembly can be implemented by an adequate armed force established by the United Nations, backed by the United States, contributed by the nations not implicated in selfish interests of the Middle East, and financed by the powers. Only so can America and the United Nations restore any measure of good faith in the eyes of the world. An important book for immediate reading; history is already dating it; already- perhaps- disproving the title. But the facts have nowhere else been so concisely, clearly set down, the parallels to Manchuria in 1931, to Munich in 1938 pointed out. Dispassionate assessment, cogent reasoning; passionate challenge to action- now.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1948
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin