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CAN YOU FIND IT? by Surya Sajnani


by Surya Sajnani ; illustrated by Surya Sajnani

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-91027-774-4
Publisher: Words & Pictures

Can you find the smiling purple eggplant in a page filled with different shades of purple? The basketball in a similarly orange page?

Each double-page spread in this large search-and-find book focuses on a different color, hiding everyday objects for children to find. “Can you find it in…yellow?” Six different objects, animate and inanimate, shown on each right hand page are hidden on the opposite one, concealed in the asymmetrical, complex, mosaiclike pieces of different shapes and in many vibrant shades of that one color. For yellow, they are a bee, a slice of lemon, a block of cheese, a duck, a banana, and a pencil. A bonus question at the bottom of the page shows one shape—for yellow, a diamond—for readers to find as well. Although most of the objects are familiar to young children, their shapes are spiky and angular, in keeping with the mosaic-inspired composition on the verso, which makes them challenging but interesting to spot. The darker colors, especially black, are especially difficult, but the other pages are vibrant and colorful. The extra-large size of this book facilitates the game but may make it difficult to fit in standard board-book shelves.

Challenging, fascinating, and fun, this book is entertaining for adults and children to enjoy together.

(Board book. 2-4)