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PETS by Surya Sajnani


A Slide and Play Book

From the Wee Gallery series

by Surya Sajnani ; illustrated by Surya Sajnani

Pub Date: March 1st, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-60992-915-2
Publisher: QEB Publishing

Brief riddles offer hints to solving puzzles embedded in extra-thick board pages.

Each double-page spread consists of a riddle on one page and a puzzle with sliding pieces on the other. When the slotted pieces are moved up and down and arranged in the right order, the animal described on the facing page is revealed. Black-and-white illustrations include just a spot of color on each page (blue in the case of this title; orange for Safari, published simultaneously). Notches indicate where little fingers should be placed, but the task may still challenge young children. Inquisitive youngsters may use the notch to rip out the inserted pieces. There is very little variation in the puzzles. Each book includes just four animals, and each page has only three slides to manipulate. The third puzzle piece must always be slid down to show the name of the animal, written in cursive on the bottom-right corner. After just a few uses, some sliders may become too loose to stay in place, while others may become stuck. Yes, children can learn how to move the sliders, but young readers who are just learning how a book works don't need these complications.

Better to buy simpler (and cheaper) books and purchase puzzles separately.

(Board book. 1-2)