MY FIRST MURDER by Susan Baker


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Tedious introduction to Mavis Davis, a hapless sort, new to the p.i. trade, who is asked by a troubled Carl Singleton to find the murderer of his waitress Doris Jones. The cops think she was third in a rape/panty-hose strangulation series, but Carl has doubts. Mavis quickly discovers that Doris was really attorney Elizabeth Reynolds, who a year or so ago suddenly left her practice, her husband, and her two kids: reason unknown. Lackluster sleuthing reveals that hubby and Madge, Elizabeth's best friend, are now an item and that he had a $250,000 life-insurance policy on her; that her law partner now protects unscrupulous, overrich corporate slimes; and that Asst. D.A. Proctor is eager to incriminate everybody but himself. Abetted by cop boyfriend Ben, Mavis discovers the contents of a secret safe-deposit box; runs into drag-dealer Williard (who insists that Elizabeth stole his wares); unfortunately sets up her former secretary to be murdered, then maneuvers the guilty party into confessing not only to murder but to blackmail. Flat, clunky, and tiresome, with Mavis' sidekicks--punkster Candy and dimwitted Margaret--coming across as mostly unfunny attempts at humor. Unfortunately, the first of a series.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1989
Publisher: St. Martin's