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THE HOLLOWAY GIRLS by Susan Bishop Crispell


by Susan Bishop Crispell

Pub Date: June 7th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-72824-714-4
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Remy struggles with the consequences of a bad kissing season.

Holloway girls have magic running through their veins: During their kissing seasons, they can bestow good luck on certain individuals while potentially finding true love for themselves. However, they must follow the rules in the Book of Luck: Only kiss someone who wants to be kissed, and never kiss someone who’s already in love with another. As her sister Maggie’s kissing season ends and hers begins, Remy hopes she will finally have a chance with her crush, Isaac. However, when their kiss brings him a slew of bad luck, Remy struggles to break the curse, mend the growing rift with Maggie, ignore the abuse from Isaac’s friends (who believe she cursed him), and avoid Tobin and Juliet, the charismatic and distracting twins who have moved in next door. While the kissing season’s magic leads to slightly melodramatic scenarios, Remy and Maggie are sympathetic characters with a nuanced and evolving sisterly relationship. Similarly, the discussions of family, legacy, friendship, trust, baking as a coping mechanism, and self-image and self-esteem ground the story. While the pacing meanders, it fits the mood of the summer setting. The analysis of love, in the contexts of Holloway magic, crushes, romance, and abusive relationships, adds extra depth to a romance that may feel somewhat predictable. Most of the cast is White.

An entertaining and drama-filled tale.

(Fiction. 13-18)