A PENGUIN YEAR by Susan Bonners


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In late September, spring in their Antarctic home, the AdÉlie penguins, fat from krill, come in from the sea to mate and nest. In picture-book format Bonners shows them marching along in endless single file, searching about for their last year's nests, and calling and finding their mates. She follows one pair through mating and nest-building, and shows the males and females alternately brooding and visiting the sea for food and play. In time, chicks are hatched and fed and, when they are too big to be carried off by the ever-present gulls, their parents return for their winter in the sea a bit ahead of the hesitant young. Without cuteness, Bonners' blue-and-black pictures bring out the special qualities of these appealing animals and the dramatic spectacle of a million penguins huddled in their sleek and icy landscape.

Pub Date: June 29th, 1981
Publisher: Delacorte