BETWEEN MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE: A Woman's Diary by Susan Braudy


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Between marriage and divorce and on the way to independent self sufficiency is one of those confessional if not extortionately emotional records of the better [?] half of a once ""perfect couple."" In the beginning Ms.-ex-Mrs. Braudy is almost dumbfoundingly naive--after ten years of life with ""rational, dutiful, devoted"" Paul she has never questioned that the ""idea of marriage contained adultery""--""we were a duo, locked by mutual love."" But then on an interview (Susan Braudy has written for Glamour, Newsweek, where she was canned, as well as Ms. where part of this appeared) she met country music's Jim St. Clare in his lavender silk shirt and hairsprayed ducktail and went immediately to bed with him, didjas and y'alls. She doesn't tell Paul but the marriage now has a different timbre and finally the shoe which was on the other foot drops--Paul is more interested in Emily and they break up. Half, the latter half, of the diary is filled with random lovers as well as gloriously fascinating encounters with that ""intellectual"" Jill Johnston, Philip Roth at his worst, ""classy"" Gloria Steinem. It ends as it began--in the impromptu nowhere although she's sure she's finding herself. While sacrificing nothing, except pudency.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1975
Publisher: Morrow