A SIX-PACK AND A FAKE I.D.: Teens Look at the Drinking Question by Susan & Daniel Cohen Cohen

A SIX-PACK AND A FAKE I.D.: Teens Look at the Drinking Question

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An intelligent discussion of teen drinking that provides ""reliable and believable information"" about alcohol, to help teen-agers make their own decisions about drinking. It is generally agreed that alcoholism is a serious disease, and the number of drunk-driving accidents will attest to the fact that teen drinking is a major social issue. But alcohol is also an integral and accepted part of our culture, and the authors are wise in acknowledging that. Without moralizing or preaching, they examine the role alcohol plays in our society, and from there, they educate teen-agers, about the effects of drinking, with facts and case studies. From first sip to hangover, they describe the chemical changes that occur in the body. Included is a mini-history of the laws surrounding alcohol (Prohibition, the move to raise the legal drinking age to 21 nationwide), as well as a description of the distilling process. Most important, the Cohens give tips for dealing with typical teen drinking situations--how to prevent parties getting out of hand, ways of successfully combatting peer pressure, communicating with parents, recognizing when professional help is necessary, and knowing where to get it. Their straightforward manner and their realistic approach will appeal to teens and their parents alike. Occasional use of slang (hangovers are ""the pits"") may date this book before its time, but the intelligence of the writing, the sheer amount of helpful information, and the practical suggestions make this a highly recommended handbook. It will answer a lot of questions.

Pub Date: Jan. 23rd, 1986
Publisher: Evans