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THE HUNTING MOON by Susan Dennard


From the Luminaries series, volume 2

by Susan Dennard

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 2023
ISBN: 9781250194145
Publisher: Tor Teen

Readers return to the supernatural town of Hemlock Falls for more mysteries and monsters.

Winnie Wednesday’s story resumes soon after the events of The Luminaries (2022). Now a local celebrity, Winnie has the social approval she’s lacked for so long, but it doesn’t bring her any closer to solving new questions and mysteries. She’s still the only one who knows about the Whisperer, while everyone else is after a werewolf, but she can at least talk to her friend Mario about tracking the elusive nightmare. Winnie’s grief over a death in the prior novel leads to some creatively morbid turns of phrase, while Jay continues to drink and vape through his anguish. Clues and memories from Winnie’s missing father give her more leads to chase. Her renewed social and school lives are heavily dominated by her simmering relationship with Jay and his blindingly gorgeous abs. The familiar rising mist takes its time to appear, but once it does, dangerous magic and monsters are back in the mix. Watching Winnie doubt her status as a Luminary and repeatedly refer to her life as a “clusterfuck” could make readers impatient to see her kick some butt already. Winnie and Jay are cued white.

Too slow to ramp up: Only committed series fans may stick with this one.

(Fantasy. 14-18)