"UNSEEN RAINBOWS, SILENT SONGS: The World Beyond Human Senses" by Susan E. Goodman

"UNSEEN RAINBOWS, SILENT SONGS: The World Beyond Human Senses"

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A fascinating look into aspects of the natural world that are imperceptible to humans. Goodman (Bats, Bugs, and Biodiversity, p. 857), addressing readers in the second person, explains that in the apparently tranquil world of nature, animals exist in an extrasensory dimension. Human hearing is pedestrian compared to that of owls, which are so good at locating the sounds of their prey, they almost ""see with their ears."" The author offers readers a unique look at animal behavior, with examples such as mosquitoes, which select their targets with all of the sophistication of heat-seeking missiles, and fish that detect movement in the water through their lateral-line system. Goodman makes readers look at the natural world from an entirely fresh perspective. Duncan's full-color illustrations are pleasing but accompany, rather than enhance, the exhilarating text. A provocative concept; a wonderful read.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1995
Page count: 40pp
Publisher: Atheneum