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THE LIVE FOOD FACTOR by Susan E. Schenck


A Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet

by Susan E. Schenck

Pub Date: March 30th, 2006
ISBN: 0-9776795-0-0

Schenck details the benefits she and many others have experienced by going raw.

The live food diet is another step in the process of questioning what and how we eat. Fresh, local and organic foods have a strong toehold in the American consciousness, but uncooked food as a potential factor in dietary health has been a somewhat unexplored area. Schenck shines a steady light on the topic in this inclusive guide to eating food raw–that is, less than 118 degrees. She presents thoughtful evidence from clinical studies, traditional authorities and testimonials that affirm the health-giving qualities of eating live foods, including physical and mental soundness, emotional balance, economy, pleasure, ecology and longevity. She also discusses the indications that cooked foods are not only less nutritious, but possibly toxic: By changing the chemical structure of our food, cooking and processing results in the accumulation of indigestible and harmful substances, creating a biological terrain ripe for disease: "Cooked food is prepared in utensils that emit toxic metal, plastic or paint particles." She notes, however, that a completely live food diet is no simple matter, requiring both substantial will power and specific adjustments for each individual, and she addresses methods of transitioning from a cooked food diet, what to expect during detoxification and how to stock a pantry of live foods. She provides numerous appropriate recipes, and fields frequently asked questions about such topics as drinking alcohol, going on a partial diet of raw food and the dangers of bacteria in raw food. She also explores controversial nutrition issues, from irradiation to the acid/alkaline balance.

Schenck is an advocate, but her points are clear and convincing.