NOW WE SET OUT by Susan Ertz
Kirkus Star


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The Galaxy put Susan Ertz on the list as better than a one-book author (Madame Claire had been her one claim to fame, previously). The Proselyte was an historical novel, and, possibly, lost some sales on that score, though it was a first rate piece of work. Now comes another novel with a modern setting, London and a story of love at first sight and the aftermath. A very entertaining tale, with its skilful handling of two positive temperaments, honestly in love, sincerely considering themselves modern, up-to-date young people, clashing on the age-old stumbling block of jealousy of the past. It is the man who cannot reconcile himself to accepting the fact that the girl has a right to a past -- and to the expectation that their life together is a thing apart from that past. His furies almost wreck the frail bark of matrimony; she finds a way out, which in turn endangers their safety. But nature takes a hand, and they come together again. Should be easy to sell and easy to rent, a book for men as well as women.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1935
Publisher: Appleton-Century