SUMMER'S LEASE by Susan Ertz


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Summer's Lease is an old-fashioned summer rental book property. Except for the hard-to-find referral (a miniskirt for example), the locutions (""dearest girl"" or ""my child"") repudiate the present day, not to mention the fact that a ""coloured"" man Robinson will occasion ""a furore"" in the little British village where this takes place only by the fact of his blackness. Robinson, a chauffeur, is escorting there the child of Anglo-American parents now separated since his mother has chosen to live in England. The other set of visitors include an American professor, Rodney, his three young boys, his querulous mother, and Stephanie, a young girl who takes care of the boys (their mother is permanently institutionalized). Stephanie falls in love with Rodney who falls in love with Rachel who is in love with a young French architect, Marcel. There are two tragedies -- one of the boys almost drowns and Robinson commits suicide on a wrongly assumed guilt by negligence. . . . Miss Ertz has been writing novels for close to 50 years and for a retrospective audience, comparable to March Cost's. More abides than alteration finds and if you step into the garden, there are still nightingales and roses.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1972
Publisher: Harper & Row