DRAGON'S MILK by Susan Fletcher


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A lonely outcast saves Dragonkind from rapacious humans. Kaeldra has always been set apart from her foster family by her foreign birth and her green eyes, which are the eyes of the dragon-slayers, according to a myth--a myth that turns real when a dragon gives birth in the mountains and Kaeldra visits her, desperately seeking dragon's milk to heal her foster Sister. After the mother dragon is killed by villagers, Kaeldra is left with three orphan ""draclings"" (Embyr, Pyro, and Synge), and a mission to seek help on their behalf from the mysterious Landerath. Everyone turns against her--even, apparently, the young emissary from Landerath, Jeorg. But when Kaeldra summons the Dragonkyn and finds that she has unwittingly betrayed them to slaughter, it is Jeorg who helps the young draclings and the other dragons escape. There is plenty of excitement in this engaging story as the villains nearly catch Kaeldra and her charges, and as she escapes through pluck, providence, and an occasional friend. If some of the rescues and betrayals seem a little far-fetched, never mind--why not, with a girl who talks to dragons and such sympathetic characters as the beguiling draclings? Entertaining and charming.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1989
ISBN: 1416997121
Page count: 242pp
Publisher: Atheneum