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ROYAL ESCAPE by Susan Froetschel


by Susan Froetschel

Pub Date: Dec. 10th, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59414-717-3
Publisher: Five Star

Melodramatic perils of a princess planning to divorce the British Royal Family.

To the dismay of Queen Catherine, who’s withholding final settlement, Elena, Princess of Wales, has filed for divorce from her husband. Elena’s equally fed up with Prince Edward’s continuing attachment to his frumpy mistress Kay and the constricted lives of her own two sons. Richard and Larry are constantly spied on by servants and chased by photographers while being coached to adhere to the family’s antiquated ways. When Elena’s divorce attorney dies, ostensibly of a heart attack, and she and Larry are almost killed by a car bomb on the grounds of a royal estate, she fears for the lives of her family. Because the bomb is used as an excuse to keep the boys from her, she must resort to coded e-mails to communicate. After her personal bodyguard succumbs to a convenient health problem and she’s accused of hysteria, she realizes that she can’t trust her security detail. She finally puts her trust in a reporter who turns out to be working for the U.S. government and her hospital nurse, whose brother is an IRA member. Can Elena and her boys escape the sinister plots that surround them?

Borrowing freely from the life of Princess You-Know-Who, Froetschel (Interruptions, 2004, etc.) provides more thrills than mystification. One hopes the Windsors lead a less miserable existence than their fictional counterparts.