ROBBER ROCKS: Letters and Memories of Hart Crane, 1923-1932 by Susan Jenkins--Ed. Brown

ROBBER ROCKS: Letters and Memories of Hart Crane, 1923-1932

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Mrs. Brown has collected letters from Crane to herself and her husband, William Slater Brown, to Malcolm Cowley and Peggy Baird, some published in full for the first time. Following most letters are the affectionate total recalls of Mrs. Brown, in themselves rather a treat, summoning up as they do pleasures, teacup squalls, and croquet-lawn banter in literary coteries of the late Twenties.. She enjoyed Crane's letters and obviously still does, emphasizing his bursts of gaiety and kindness, although remembering signs and portents when it seemed that Crane's alcoholism, his troubles With his mother and frequent violent outbursts had reached the danger point. Occasionally Mrs. Brown points up a minor controversy among Crane biographers, attempts some literary analysis, but mainly she is content to explicate the letters -- from New York, ""Robber Rocks"" California, and finally Mexico. An important inclusion is the moving Stow of Crane's last days by Peggy Baird who shared them. The letters themselves range from entertaining asides on contemporary literary happenings, to Serf-lacerating details of escapades. They are often erratic, rambling, but sometimes extremely moving apercus of a poet's mind, heat oppressed.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1969
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press