HERE IN THIS ISLAND by Susan McConsaughey


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A trip to Tahiti is a point of resolution in many lives- aboard the Rangiroa and later ashore: for Helen Mellwaine recently rejected and divorced by her husband Colin and unwilling to love a second time; for David Gardiner who is blind; for the Sunderlands-Harry who is indulgent- and physically dependent on the vain Caroline; for the Brauns, Gregor, a pretentious, captious writer, and Mary-his wife; and for lovely Julia Tarkington- drinking to escape the memory of a husband and child lost many years ago. Fate is a convenient catalyst for Gregor- he dies-- the others have to work it out for themselves. Helen and David find that their love for each other overrides their previous injuries- hers emotional, his physical; Julia takes her life; and Caroline walks out on Harry.... A domestic detergent- for a conditioned feminine audience to rent.

Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts