ERIC, The Tale of a Red-Tempered Viking by Susan McDonald Bond

ERIC, The Tale of a Red-Tempered Viking

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The Vikings, it seems, were ""peace-loving and law abiding,"" except for Eric the Red, who had a terrible temper. Because he ""couldn't get along with his neighbors,"" he left Norway for Iceland, Iceland for a further island. But having no neighbors at all eventually palled, so Eric recruited Icelanders by dubbing his new island green. ""Greenland grew and so did Eric's sons."" Leif, the most adventurous, discovered ""a huge continent which he called Vineland. . . . And of course we all know what happened to Leif's Vineland. It was discovered many years later and named America. And we live here!"" Perky as parody history if you like parody history.

Pub Date: Dec. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Grove