COYOTE DREAMS by Susan Nunes


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Many children have heard coyotes bark at night ""when the moon is full and city lights are far away."" Whether or not they have actually had this experience, Nunes' quiet, poetic text will open their imaginations to the many associations evoked by coyotes' ""lonely songs"": ""sand and sagebrush, mountain cats. . .and silver hills. . . other times and other places."" Reiterating such musical phrases as ""whisper their name the ancient way, 'Coyotl. Coyotl,' "" Nunes takes a small child on a circular journey from bed to a walled garden and the wilder world beyond--where he dances with the coyotes in the moonlight and even glimpses that past before returning safely to bed. Himler's lovely watercolors capture the dreamlike evanescence of the text, with the images of coyotes and historical figures (prospectors, Aztec dancers) shown now real, now mistily transparent. A fine debut for the author, well sustained by Himler's usual high standard of illustration.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1988
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Atheneum