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BE QUIET, BE HEARD by Susan R. Glaser Ph.D.


The Paradox of Persuasion

by Susan R. Glaser Ph.D. & Peter A. Glaser Ph.D.

Pub Date: May 30th, 2006
ISBN: 978-0-9772618-3-3

Succinct and informative, this self-help manual not only outlines the communication problems, but also highlights the steps necessary to resolve those issues.

Beginning with the premise that good communication relies on one’s ability to be quiet and listen, this husband-and-wife team go on to incorporate the ways to become a more effective communicator. Misunderstandings often occur when one is unclear, especially when the communication consists of poor word choice or negative body language. Furthermore, the gap between perception and reality can often compound communication difficulties. By stating assumptions clearly and questioning misunderstandings, it becomes easier to understand the reality of the situation, rather than jumping to often erroneous conclusions. One of the most informative sections stresses positive response to criticism. By summarizing the perceptions of the critic and agreeing with the critic’s factual language, differences are more likely to be resolved in an amenable manner. The authors also note that while good listening is an essential leadership skill, leaders must also understand the differences in a variety of decision-making circumstances. The models for the types of decision-making are clear and concrete, enabling the reader to understand that sometimes leaders must make choices without any input from the group. The process, whereby a capable leader effectively communicates what type of decision is being made, enables readers to understand and appreciate how to become more effective leaders. And because public speaking is one of the most effective methods of communication, the authors’ approach to embracing a fear of public speaking teaches that anyone has the ability to become a better public speaker.

The Glasers’ knowledge of clear and effective communication techniques translates into a manual that is extremely beneficial to all who wish to hone their communication skills.