LIES (PEOPLE BELIEVE) ABOUT ANIMALS by Susan & Robert James Sussman


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Armadillos give birth to two sets of identical twins, all the same sex, and can carry leprosy. The most common natural cause of an elephant's death is starvation, because at a certain age all of its teeth fall out. Want to know more? This array of uncommon but true facts about 11 animals (there's a catch-all chapter at the end that briefly discusses several more) will delight browsers, as will the sharply clear black-and-white photographs. The authors encourage the view that, though one should be careful around wild animals, they are usually not actively out to eat you--Leavitt's horrific close-ups of bat and hairy tarantula notwithstanding. The photographer has posed his subjects expertly; but since they are displayed against a white background and seem to be about the same size (imagine an armadillo the size of a bear), readers won't get much idea of scale. Intriguing, informal, indexed and with bibliography.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1987
Page count: 48pp
Publisher: Albert Whitman