A LION FOR NICCOLBY by Susan Sacher Philipson


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Handsomer lions have padded through picture books, but despite his kinky mane and freakish white stripes, this one has a comical personality and a bizarre imagination. First dethroned, then de-zooed, and finally unemployed because of his strange markings, Lion roams a sad, lonely world. A dream of a pink gazelle, red elephants, a tiger in sun-glasses, etc. offers temporary pleasure; but only when a small boy, Niccolby, befriends him does Lion accept his odd lot. In even metered, well rhymed verse, the author sets down the creature's adventures in a humorous language which young listeners will want to hear again. Better placing and more artistic use of color would have improved the pictures which are well drawn stylizations of recognizable wild animals.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1963
Publisher: Pantheon