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THE DIGGERS ARE COMING! by Susan Steggall Kirkus Star


by Susan Steggall ; illustrated by Susan Steggall

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-84780-288-0
Publisher: Frances Lincoln

All kinds of bruising vehicles have a part in creating a new housing development in this muscular import from the U.K.

First comes the big red wrecker, its ball swinging to bash the old buildings to the ground. Then the planners come, to measure and mark, followed by the bulldozers, who “shave and shift and shove all day.” The type goes across the page in various directions and routes, sometimes bold and even bolder, from tiny to enormous. Diggers and tippers (dump trucks) are next, to finish the job of preparing the ground, then cement mixers, to lay the concrete foundation. Then sturdy trucks show up with cement blocks and other building materials. Busy builders go to work with hard hats and hammers and hods, and the buildings start to rise. Some materials need a crane. Steamrollers help smooth out all the bumpy bits. Before long, the trucks coming to the site are moving vans, full of furniture and the other belongings of all the families that will be moving into these immaculate new homes. Steggall’s use of color makes stars of her machines; the buildings and ground, with scant greenery, are in earth tones, while gleaming bright vehicles—in orange and bold yellow and blue—really pop in her textured collages. Her text has lots of phonic and onomatopoeic crunch as well.

Perfect for the very young truck fanatic.   

(Picture book. 4-7)